Spokane, WA

To Dance Is To Live!!

Melinda Moore has been tap dancing on & off since age 4. Born and raised in San Diego, California, Melinda participated in both tap and jazz lessons there. She later continued adult  tap classes in southern Maryland. After retiring to Washington State in 2010, Joan Hamilton and The Tap Grandmas were found, and the rest is history!! She instructs beginner and intermediate levels. 
Jan Preston recognized she had a passion for dancing from her youth, but never had a chance to pursue her dream until adulthood. As soon as she could afford to, she signed up for lessons - seeking out multiple instructors to learn as much as she could. After retiring, she relocated to the Spokane area, and has been involved in Tap Grandmas ever since. She instructs the advanced group, and also teaches a clogging group, "The Spring Chicks".

meet our instructors:

In memory of Bill Kennedy: Tap Grandmas was privileged to have Bill Kennedy share his talents and love of dance with the group for a brief period. He is truly missed and will be eternally remembered for his generosity both on and off the dance floor!

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Dennie Crowe naturally fell into dancing from a very young age.  Because her mother was an accompanist for a local dance instructor, Dennie was able to take advantage of free lessons! Later, as a High School instructor in Spokane, Dennie was an integral part of Ferris High School's success with "Ham on Regal", coaching dancers and providing choreography for a number of years. She instructs the advanced group.
Joan Hamilton has been tap dancing most of her life. Joan and her twin brother were introduced at an early age to Rhythm Tap by their father, a professional dancer and Vaudeville-era performer. Joan continues her love of dance to this day. She instructs beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.